LAUNA Herbal Hair Tonic


  • A Powerful Hair Tonic which
  • Stimulates Hair Growth and
  • Promotes Black & Long Hair.
  • Arrests Falling & Greying of Hair.
  • Checks Dandruff

Packing: 100 ml

Directions of use: Massage hair oil onto scalp and hair roots for best results.

Product Description

Launa herbal hair tonic and hair vitalizer for shiny, bouncy, and healthy hair The product is a unique combination of several ayurvedic extracts such as henna, andropugen muricatus, indigo ferra, phyllanthus niruri, alternanthera, hibiscus rosasinesis, rose damascena, mesua ferrea, sida cordifolia, jatamansi, terminalia chebula, glycyrrhizza glabra, tulsi, amla, and Brahmi, as well as almond oil, were used to make.

Launa herbal hair tonic, you can trust that their hair and skin care products are made with natural ingredients and won’t harm the planet. Their products are also free of harmful chemicals, meaning you can use them without worry.

Launa Herbal Hair Tonic Benefits 

There is a powerful herbal hair tonic that can help stimulate hair growth and promote black and long hair. It has a triple formula that strengthens the roots, moisturizes the scalp, restores lost nutrients to the hair follicles, and increases density and length.
Essential fatty acids are important for dry skin and hair, as they provide moisture needed to stay healthy.



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