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  • Removes acidity and gassiness
  • Treats Heart and stomach burns,
  • Relieves painful Acidic indigestion
  • Alleviates digestion
  • Helps to break gas bubbles and removes bloating
  • Reduces ulcer pains and helps in smooth digestion.

Packing: 200 ml

Directions of use: 10ml twice daily after or as directed by the Physician.


Product Description:

ABICID  Ayurvedic ulcer Syrup Rephrase Magnesium hydroxide is typically once it enters the stomach, it will work as either an antacid or a laxative.

ABICID is a medication that is composed of Oxetacaine and Sucralfate, both of which are medications belonging to the category of “anesthetic antacids” and “ulcer protectives,” respectively.

It is used to treat ulcers in the stomach, acidity caused by various factors other than ulcers, and heartburn. Additionally, it can be used to treat gut inflammation due to reasons other than Ulcer Disease.

ABICID Ayurvedic Ulcer Syrup Benefits

ABICID Ayurvedic Ulcer Syrup is a natural way to relieve acidity, and there are many products on the market that offer short-term relief. In contrast, ABICID gets to the root cause of acidity and provides complete relief.

Removes Acidity, Peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcers are painful sores that can form in the stomach, small intestine, or esophagus. They can be caused by things like infections and too much acid in the stomach. If you have peptic ulcers, ABICID ulcer syrup can help. It’s a natural syrup that can neutralize stomach acid and provide fast relief.

ABICID ulcer syrup contains Shatavari, which is a natural ingredient that can help reduce stomach acidity. By reducing stomach acid, ABICID ulcer syrup can help ease symptoms like stomach ulcer pain, bloating, and heartburn that can be caused by peptic ulcers.

Treats Heart and stomach burns

ABICID SYRUP is a popular antacid syrup that helps to remove excess gases from the body, which can lead to heartburn.

Additionally, the ingredients in ABICID SYRUP are believed to be effective at aiding digestion and providing immediate relief from heartburn due to their natural properties.

Safety Use

Alcohol Consumption

It is recommended to exercise caution when combining alcohol with ABICID Tablet. Please consult a medical expert before making any decisions.


The use of ABICID Tablet during pregnancy may not be safe. Although limited human studies exist, animal studies have shown harmful effects on the developing fetus. Your healthcare provider will evaluate the potential benefits and risks before prescribing it. Please consult with your doctor.


The use of ABICID Tablet while breastfeeding is likely to be unsafe. Limited human data suggests that the medication may pass into breastmilk and harm the infant. It is suggested that you consult a healthcare expert.




Which syrup is best for ulcer pain?

ABICID Stomach Ulcer Pain Relief Syrup & Digestion is the best choice. This unique formula is specifically designed to alleviate pain associated with stomach ulcers and promote digestive health. With its ability to reduce ulcer pains and improve digestion, ABICID is the ideal solution for those seeking relief from ulcer pain.

What helps with heart and stomach burn?

ABICID Syrup is a good option to relieve heart and stomach burn. This herbal syrup is formulated to treat heart and stomach burns, reduce acidity and gassiness, and relieve painful acidic indigestion. In addition to its ulcer pain relief properties, ABICID also helps to alleviate digestion and reduce gassiness, making it ideal for those experiencing heart and stomach burn.




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