Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing

ABIRAMI LABS is a leading Ayurvedic third-party manufacturer located in Puducherry (Pondicherry). With a rich history dating back to the 90s, we are a GMP certified facility that adheres to strict FDA and ISO regulations. The Ayurvedic market is growing exponentially. In 2021, the value of India’s Ayurvedic products market reached INR 515.5 billion. In the future, it’s estimated to reach INR 1,536.9 billion by 2027, showing an impressive growth rate of 19.78% between 2022 and 2027.

This growth is due to the growing popularity of Ayurvedic products, which are made with natural ingredients and are known for their health benefits. Our modern manufacturing setup is equipped to handle large batches and provide top-quality third-party manufacturing services for a range of ayurvedic products that includes;

Process of Manufacturing Ayurvedic Medicines

We have partnered with reputable companies such as ASR Consumer Products, JAMMI Pharmaceuticals, Team Formulations, Merlin Health Care, Froh Pharmaceuticals, ORBIT Heal Care, and Rapid Solutions to manufacture third-party ayurvedic products. Additionally, we offer Loan License services.


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We Are Offering Third Party Contract Manufacturing Services For Ayurvedic Medicines.

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We have large-scale, state-of-the-art manufacturing units that allow us to produce Ayurvedic products in bulk quantities.

We offer a wide range of Ayurvedic products, including liquids, capsules, tablets, powders, oils, and balms. You can see our full product here 

Yes, we offer herbal cosmetic products such as aloe vera, ointments, moisturizers, and powders.

Yes, we provide third-party manufacturing for a wide range of Ayurvedic products, including tablets, capsules, juices, churna, oil, syrups, and drops.

Yes, we are an ISO-certified Ayurvedic company and also have WHO and GMP certifications.

Toggle ContentYes, we are an Ayush-certified Ayurvedic products manufacturing company.

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