Effective Ayurveda Remedy for Cough and Cold

Remedy for cough and cold

Suffering from sneezing and coughing!! Try the Ayurveda techniques and products! Simple but effective!!

Cough is a very common ailment that combines or occurs with cold. It has become very casual to catch cold and cough in the current highly polluted atmosphere. And the very first way your body reacts to any kind of allergies or ailments is through the indication of cold and cough.

How does cough occur?

It is generally caused by the formation or the accumulation of mucus from the respiratory tract creating a total discomfort.

The speciality of herbal medicine we have is that it identifies the root cause of the problem and completely dissolves unlike the modern medicines which merely suppress the occurrence instantly and temporarily. Some of the common reasons for cough could be catch cold, dust, smoke, allergies, or at times consumption of decayed food items.

The herbals like ginger, turmeric, pepper, cloves and turmeric are the highly active ingredients that fight cold and cough and effectively treat the chronic cough troubles. Frequent sipping of hot water is the best way to dilute the mucus and for an immediate relief. Milk with turmeric and honey shall make wonders to an infected throat and gives a smoothening effect. And ginger and garlic relieves the congestion and shall also act as analgesics. It is usually advised to avoid dairy and related products if suffering from cold and items like ice-cream and fruit juices. It is good to take hot food and drinks.

Cold can be either a wet or dry one. Wet can be with a discharge of yellow phlegm and congestion. At times this may be supplemented with fever or burning sensation in the throat. Crushed or powdered lotus seeds and horehound can be used as good treatment for this kind of cold. Ghee can be used as a best smoothening agent. Another kind of cold may be combined with a dry cough which could be very dry causing painful irritation in the throat. This one can be best treated with herbals like Aswagandha, marshmallow and Shatavari. Apart from these, there are also therapies and treatments which can cure Cold and Cough.

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